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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Joy in my arms

This morning my most skittish foster cat, Clayton, curled up in my arms and purred his way to sleep, as he is wont to do every morning. He is small for his age, a very lithe, slinky black cat who needs a lot of attention, and isn't afraid to insist upon it. He can curl into a tiny ball, and his purr is as loud as his meows for attention. As he nestled in my arms, I felt such peace within myself in the early morning hours as the sun rose and brought the morning in. I couldn't help but think of my Father in heaven, and how abundantly He loves His children, even me. It is such a comfort for me to think of His love this way, as a being so infinitely larger than me who accepts me into His waiting arms after my panicked pleadings for His mercy and love. I am so overwhelmingly thankful for God's love this morning, and the grace that puts me in His arms, as skittish as my faith too often is.